Introducing the Bridge Ecosystem

In terms of being more than a “memecoin” as we mentioned on our white paper, we would like to introduce you the Bridge Ecosystem we developed and currently testing on Binance Smart Chain Testnet. This project will show our difference from the other “memecoins”, strongly.

We’d like to show you the schema of the Bridge Ecosystem first, then the descriptions will follow.

The middle controller we coded in Solidity programming language is called “Bridge”. Basically, “Bridge” gets the transaction fees from the tokens are the nodes of the “Bridge Ecosystem”.


So, let’s go with “Safemoon Fork” named token from the chart above. Assume that the daily volume of the token is a million USD and the tax fee is 5%.

The 5% fee of the each transaction will be converted into BNB currency and be sent to the Bridge itself. Every token on the Bridge Ecosystem will send the tax to the Bridge.

What will the Bridge do with these BNBs?

Let’s say that there are three tokens connected to the Bridge and tax accumulated in the Bridge is 60 BNBs. The Bridge will split the 60 BNBs into three and will buy 20 BNBs of tokens of the assets that are connected to the chain and then burn them forever.

Why there are two-way arrows on each token but on RocketDoge are not?

Because the RD is mother of all the tokens in the Bridge Ecosystem.

The main reason is that the RD token has already been there when the Bridge Ecosystem was started to be developed. This function is not available on RocketDoge. RocketDoge will be the safe harbor of Bridge Ecosystem since RD doesn’t have any tax policy. However, the other tokens will have rewarding system so that they will be attracted with the same ratio of RD by the people.

How does this schema affect RD and other tokens?

Since all the BNBs accumulated in the Bridge in the middle will be split into the number of the tokens and the Bridge will buy the tokens and then burn them forever, this action will both support all the tokens in the ecosystem and make their value raise because the circulation supply of a specific token in the chain will decrease on each transaction made. As the value of the token rises, the number of the tokens burnt will decrease.

What is the next step?

Next step is to do a new pre-sale on DxSale with a new token (For example, token #2) that has reflection functions or BNB rewarding to the holders system in it, so that 5% tax fee from the transactions will not do harm on the holders.

After we launch the new token pre-sale this week (by 20th of June), the new token will start to support RD and of course itself. The more tokens join the Bridge Ecosystem, the more all the tokens are supported financially in the chain.

After the third token on the chain, the number of the tokens will be supported financially will be three, including RD.

For example, let’s say we did a pre-sale with 300 BNBs of hardcap and 70% of it goes to the liquidity. The remaining amount is 90 BNBs and they will be spent out for the marketing. Continue with the same example, for a million USD of the daily volume, the amount accumulated in the Bridge will be 50.000 USD equivalent of BNBs. The Bridge will buy 50.000 USD equivalent of the token #2 and RD and then burn them. This may seem a disadvantage for the token #2 in the beginning because they sent 50.000 USD equivalent of BNBs to the Bridge but only 25.000 USD equivalent of BNBs token #2 have been bought and burnt. This is not the issue, the more projects join the ecosystem, the value of the returns and the burnt amount will rise accordingly.

PS: Each new token will support the previous ones while the previous ones will support the new token as well.

Will the RD team abandon the RD project?

Simply, of course not. We are not anonymous, also we don’t honestly need to leave RD on its own because we will hire more and more community moderators and managers, maybe more developers that can handle the new token communities.

Also, let us clarify that Bridge Ecosystem is already the project of RocketDoge. The team will keep supporting the RD and of course the product, Bridge Ecosystem.

What will be the marketing actions?

Currently we are developing the website of Bridge Ecosystem. Once it’s done, we will have an introducing animated video for the project and the video will welcome every person who wants to get to know the project.

We will strongly use YouTube, Reddit and DxSale to explain the Bridge Ecosystem.

For example, when we create the pre-sale on DxSale for the token #2, people will know that it’s related with RocketDoge community and we are bringing a new ecosystem to the cryptocurrency world.

The marketing actions will cover both RocketDoge and the Bridge Ecosystem.

Will the new tokens be only the ones that we will do pre-sale?

No. Once the Bridge Ecosystem goes live, any project owner can apply us to be in the chain. However, they will need to set the tax fee wallet to the “Bridge”, also there will be one-time fee to join the ecosystem. These listing fees will be spent for the marketing.

Why would the other projects like to join Bridge Ecosystem?

Because Bridge Ecosystem is first of its kind makes all the tokens in the chain help each other financially. Token projects in the Bridge Ecosystem will be less affected from the BTC and BNB volatility.

Details will follow on our Telegram:



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